Richard Sidwell
Richard Sidwell


Richard Sidwell is an experienced musician & arranger who will turn your musical ideas & visions into a complete piece of music for any sized ensemble, from a duo right through to a full orchestra & anywhere in between. He will also provide you with beautifully prepared parts & scores for your session, show, tour or concert.

Artists Richard has worked for include Dame Shirley Bassey, The BBC Concert Orchestra, The BBC Big Band, Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson, The Pussycat Dolls, Ronan Keating, Carl Davis & many more

Arranging & Orchestration

Richard has arranged for many types of ensembles including symphony orchestra, wind trio, string quartet, swing big band, rock band, barbershop quartet, wind ensemble & brass group. So whether your source material is a manuscript sketch, a simple recording of guitar & voice or even a full orchestra, Richard will be able to transcribe, arrange & orchestrate it for your line-up.

Full scores & individual parts would be supplied, printed & ready to go with the addition of any further musical services available too, such as advice on musicians, musical directing & conducting.

Music Preparation

....or The Art of Music Engraving has come a long way in recent years. Richard is happy to work in Finale or Sibelius, two of the most common music engraving softwares currently in use around the world. He can also convert MIDI files from Logic, Cakewalk or other sequencing programs into beautifully presented scores & parts.

Miscellaneous music prep services that you might require could also include: Score reduction(reducing a large ensemble into a smaller one); lead-sheet prep(reducing a score into just a few staves or even perhaps a piano part); tidying up, formatting & printing of a pre-existing Sibelius or Finale file.